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The best things to do in Mallorca, Spain - Blog Voyage - Découvrir Ensemble
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The best things to do in Mallorca, Spain

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Because we love to travel and share our tips with you, we'd like you to read about our escapades at the ends of the earth. Our blog is here to advise you, and our articles are aimed at all travelers in search of inspiration and good addresses. City guides, top hotels and restaurants, breathtaking landscapes, off-the-beaten-track hikes, road trip organization... We'll take you on an adventure!
Find your next destination on our travel blog - Blog Voyage - Découvrir Ensemble

The travel blog that inspires your adventures!

Découvrir Ensemble is the travel blog of two Parisians with a passion for adventure. We’re Clémence & Alexandre and we travel the world in search of new discoveries. What we love most about traveling: discovering the must-sees in each destination, as well as the lesser-known and unusual places, meeting passionate people, discovering their culture and cuisine… Capturing and sharing all these moments in photos and videos!

Our aim: to share our passion, to inspire you through our content, and to make you want to travel too. So, fellow travellers, check out our articles, pack your bags… and see you soon for your next trip to France, Europe or elsewhere!

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Clem & Alex 
Baléares 2021 - Blog Voyage - Découvrir Ensemble
Clem & Alex
Baléares 2021

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Why did you create this travel blog?

It was in 2017 after a long trip to the American West that we decided to create our own travel blog "Discover Together. 7 years on, over 100,000 of you read our articles every month and follow our adventures on our Instagram account. We still take great pleasure in writing practical guides and sharing our most beautiful addresses with you. We hope this blog will help you plan your next trips!

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