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The best hotels in Mykonos

Last update : 24 May 2024
Are you heading for the Cyclades and looking for a hotel in Mykonos? Discover our selection of the best hotels on our travel blog.

In this article, we’re sharing a list of our best hotels in Mykonos to help you in your search. Mykonos is one of the Greek islands we’ve loved discovering, and it’s with great pleasure that we’ve put together this top accommodation list. When planning your vacation, we also recommend you take a look at our article dedicated to must-sees in Mykonos.

Our selection for finding the best hotels in Mykonos

1. Alissachni Hotel Mykonos

Want a hotel in Mykonos with an exceptional view of the Aegean Sea for your vacation? This is the address for you! The Alissachni Hotel Mykonos has beautiful rooms, all with sea views and private pools. Some even have jacuzzis to make the experience even more incredible! The restaurant and breakfast are very good and still affordable for Mykonos.

++: undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hotel views in Mykonos, sunset lovers you won’t be disappointed!

Average traveler rating on Booking: 9.5/10

meilleurs hôtel mykonos

Photos © Alissachni Mykonos – Booking


Photos © Alissachni Mykonos – Booking

2. Bluetopia Suites

This is the perfect address for a vacation in the heart of Mykonos! Rooms are spacious and feature balconies with stunning views of the sea and Mykonos’ famous windmills. Breakfast is served every morning directly on the balconies, making the moment even more magical.

++: unbeatable location right in the center of town with a view of the mythical Mykonos windmills!

Average traveler rating on Booking: 9.7/10

hotel mykonos

Photos © Bluetopia Suites – Booking

bluetopia suites

Photos © Bluetopia Suites – Booking

3. Charisma Hotel Mykonos

Looking for a quiet place to relax during your vacation? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for at the Charisma Hotel Mykonos. The hotel is new and tastefully decorated. It has two swimming pools and two top-of-the-range fitness rooms, which is great if you like to work out on vacation. Breakfast is also excellent and served buffet-style every morning.

++: perfectly located in relation to the city center (15 minutes by car) to be quiet without being too far away either.

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 9.5/10

hôtel mykonos

Photos © Charisma Hotel – Booking

Charisma wellness suites

Photos © Charisma Hotel – Booking

4. The Wild by Interni

If you’re looking for a design hotel in Mykonos with privileged access to a magnificent beach, this is the place to put down your suitcases. The hotel is beautifully decorated and boasts a beautiful infinity pool facing the sea. The breakfast is copious and of very good quality, enough to start your day well in the Cyclades. In short, a heavenly address to discover on your vacation to Mykonos.

++: the hotel’s private beach accessible by a small staircase, just exceptional!

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 8.8/10

meilleurs hôtel mykonos

Photos © The Wild by Interni – Booking

The Wild by Interni

Photos © The Wild by Interni – Booking

5. Nimbus My Aknis

A beautiful address with breathtaking views over the bay, this hotel in Mykonos is very well located on the island. Rooms are spacious and feature private Jacuzzis facing the sea. Breakfasts are served directly in the room for maximum comfort and privacy.

++: Count five minutes on foot to reach Mykonos’ best-known beach, Super Paradise Beach.

Average traveler rating on Booking: 9.3/10

meilleurs hôtel mykonos

Photos © Nimbus My Aknis – Booking

Nimbus my Aktis

Photos © Nimbus My Aknis – Booking

6. Adama Boutique Hotel Mykonos

If you don’t want to rent a car during your stay in Mykonos you’ll certainly appreciate this hotel, located just a ten-minute walk from the airport. There’s also a bus stop right in front of the hotel, giving you easy access to the town center and beaches. The hotel is very recent and well soundproofed, ensuring quiet nights.

++: a magnificent hotel allowing you to do without a rental car during your vacation.

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 9.4/10

meilleurs hôtel mykonos

Photos © Adama Mykonos Boutique Hotel – Booking


Photos © Adama Mykonos Boutique Hotel – Booking

7. Yi Hotel Mykonos

Located on Elia Beach, this 4-star hotel offers an exceptional setting with sea views. Everything you need for an excellent vacation is here: the hotel’s facilities are exceptional, and the design both inside and out is worth a look. The decor and materials used reflect the very essence of the island. Hotel Yi Mykonos makes you feel right at home for the duration of your vacation.

++: the magnificent swimming pool with deckchair for sunbathing in the hot hours.

Average traveler rating on Booking: 9.7/10

Hotels Mykonos piscine privee

Photos © Yi hôtel Mykonos – Booking

8. Ikies of Mykonos

At the very southern end of the island, this hotel in Mykonos is ideally located for peace and quiet yet close to the must-sees of the town center. Ikies of Mykonos is a design hotel with spacious rooms. The suites are all tastefully decorated and offer an intimate experience, with the option of a private pool depending on the room. If you’re looking for an address to relax and enjoy the island’s calm, this will be perfect for you.

++: the hotel’s general decor.

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 9.5/10

Hotels Mykonos

Photos © Ikies of Mykonos – Booking

9. Mykonos Hotel Lolita

Another lovely hotel address in Mykonos boasting panoramic views over the Aegean bay. Hotel Mykonos Lolita is a new, modern hotel with its own private beach. The rooms are spacious and uncluttered, with a simpler interior design that gives the hotel an authentic feel. The ideal place to relax outdoors, not to mention the restaurant and its terrace overlooking the pool and the sea.

++: the attentive team and the cocooning setting of the hotel.

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 8.7/10

Hotel Mykonos

Photos © Mykonos Hôtel Lolita – Booking

10. Asty Mykonos Hotel & Spa

This final address in our selection of the best hotels in Mykonos stands out for the beauty of the establishment and the surrounding landscape. The Asty Hotel & Spa in Mykonos is the ideal address for those looking to relax in luxurious surroundings. You can take a dip in the pool or relax on the terrace while enjoying top-level service. The rooms also offer lovely views over the bay, and the welcome is worthy of the hotel’s 5-star status. An address with easy access to Mykonos town center.

++: the possibility of choosing a room with private Jacuzzi.

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 9.3/10

Hotels Mykonos piscine privee

Photos © Asty Mykonos Hôtel & Spa – Booking

For your information

The hotels in this top list are intended to inspire you and help you find the best hotels in Mykonos. We haven’t tested all of them yet, but they’re all in our selection for our next holidays in Greece. If you’d like more inspiration, we recommend our articles on the best hotels for your travels.

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We hope this article helps you find the best hotels in Mykonos!

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