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The best things to see in Calvi, Corsica

Last update : 22 May 2024
Calvi is a pretty town in north-west Corsica, well worth a visit for its turquoise beaches, rocky mountains and fortified medieval citadel. We went there at the beginning of July for the Calvi on the Rocks festival, and it was a great introduction to the island we hadn't seen before.

We’re already itching to return to Corsica to discover more! So if you’re planning a vacation in Corse du Nord and don’t want to miss out on the must-sees, follow our guide to what to do in Calvi. Must-see places, good restaurant addresses, we tell you it all, let’s go! 🌞

Calvi in Northern Corsica, where to sleep?

L’Acquale Hotel

This 4-star hotel in Calvi is ultra well-placed, right opposite the citadel. The view is also breathtaking! The hotel is tastefully decorated, and we loved the soft tones of the colors, the choice of materials and the warm welcome from the staff. The rooms are very comfortable, the bedding is top-notch, and they all have small balconies – a must for a vacation in Northern Corsica. You’ll have access to the lovely swimming pool and a superb rooftop overlooking the Calvi mountains. Breakfast is also well worth the detour, with a wide choice of quality products! In short, we 100% recommend this hotel for your stay in Calvi in Northern Corsica.

acquale calvi

What to do in Calvi? Our must-sees

Corsica’s fourth most touristic town after Ajaccio, Bastia and Figari , Calvi is a must-see that we recommend for your first discovery of Corsica. This town has a lot to offer, and we hope that our list of must-sees will help you know what to do in Calvi and make your vacation a success!

1. Calvi’s old town

Calvi’s old town is small but well worth a visit! You’ll discover numerous local craft stores, restaurant terraces, a covered market full of Corsican specialities… It’s all about idleness, and we love it! 😍

vieille ville calvi vieille ville calvi

2. Calvi Citadel

Built between the 13th and 16th centuries, the medieval Citadelle is THE thing to visit on foot when you come to Calvi. We loved strolling through its narrow cobbled streets, discovering the different viewpoints over the town and its beaches, and drinking a coffee on the terrace. La Dolce Vita Corsica! Take a stroll to the church of Saint Jean-Baptiste, a listed historic building. We also discovered a lovely restaurant in the heart of the Citadelle, which we’ll tell you about below in the “Where to eat” section. What we liked most about the Citadelle were the magnificent panoramic views – you won’t be disappointed. Calvi’s citadel is often the first place that comes to mind when you ask the question “what to do in Calvi?”!

Citadelle de Calvi Citadelle de Calvi Citadelle de Calvi

3. Calvi beach

Calvi’s great beach really is the Corsican postcard you’d imagine: fine sand, turquoise waters, beach bars and deckchairs. It stretches for over 4 kilometers, is surrounded by mountains and offers a breathtaking view of the citadel. We loved wandering from one end to the other, and settling in for an afternoon swim! For those of you planning to go with your family, this beach is great for kids, as the water is very shallow for many meters. If in the question “what to do in Calvi?” you mean where to bask in the sun with a breathtaking panorama, this is the place to go!🌞

What to do in Calvi

4. The Port of Calvi

A short stroll along Quai Landry will allow you to discover the Port of Calvi, the small terraces of bars and restaurants as well as the many moored boats. If you’re planning a water excursion to Calvi, the boats usually leave from here!

5. Calvi on the Rocks Festival

This music festival takes place every year in early July on the beaches of Calvi! You can discover electro and rock artists under the Corsican sun. During the day, the Festival takes place on the beaches entirely free of charge, so all you have to do is visit the In Casa and Octopussy beach bars from 3pm to 7pm to enjoy the music. In the evening, you can take advantage of the stages by reserving a ticket (around 70€ per evening).  We’ve discovered some great artists like Folamour, les 7 salopards, Myd…

festival calvi corse calvi on the rocks festival musique calvi

We discovered this music festival with Air France, which was partnering the event for the first time. For the occasion, they offered musical personality tests to discover personalized playlists. Ours was “Golden Hour” on Spotify, we’ll let you discover it for those in need of musical inspiration!

calvi on the rocks

6. Take the train to Ile Rousse

Are you tempted by a train that runs along the beach and pine forest to take you to an exceptional place? Take one of the two carriages of the famous “Trinichellu” train, for €12 return and around 40 minutes, to Ile Rousse! Once you’ve arrived at your destination, enjoy the setting, the heavenly beaches, the town center and the port of Ile Rousse. A really nice place to see when you don’t know what to do in Calvi!

train ile rousse

What to do in Calvi in Northern Corsica? Ideas for activities



vacances en corse

What to do in Calvi in Northern Corsica? Our good restaurant addresses

1. Restaurant In Casa

A lovely restaurant address right on the beach! The bohemian decor is canon and the location is perfect for lunch while contemplating the turquoise blues of the water. The menu is top-notch, with a choice of meat, fish and veggie dishes, as well as delicious sushi. We’ve had lunch there several times and loved it every time.

restaurant in casa in casa restautant calvi

2. The Acquale rooftop

The rooftop of this beautiful 4-star hotel offers cocktails and food, to share or not! The view is clearly worth the detour, one of the most beautiful we’ve seen in Calvi.

l'aquale rooftop

3. A Candella

We haven’t tried this restaurant, but we walked past it and fell in love with the decor and location. Imagine tables set up in the heart of Calvi’s Citadel, overlooking the turquoise sea, a chill atmosphere and a little Corsican music. We’d love to come back to Calvi just to try out this address!

a candella calvi

4. La Villa Calvi

La Villa Calvi is a luxury boutique hotel in the heights of the city. As the rooms are not very affordable, you can also go there for dinner or a drink! The opportunity to discover the incredible view and architecture of the place, with reflections in the Villa’s beautiful pool in the foreground.


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We hope the tips and good addresses on our travel blog will help you plan your vacation to Calvi in Northern Corsica.

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