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Europe’s biggest cities in 2024, the ranking

Last update : 27 April 2024
Wondering which are Europe's biggest cities in 2024? You've come to the right place. Enjoy your reading!

After sharing with you the biggest cities in France and the world, we’re back today with a ranking of the biggest cities in Europe. You’ll see that there are almost no capitals in this top 10. We hope our article helps you in your search.

What’s the biggest city in Europe?

1. Moscow, Russia

We begin this ranking with Moscow, which with 11.62 million inhabitants is Europe’s biggest city in 2024. Note that the Russian capital is also the 16th biggest city in the world.

biggest cities in europe

What are Europe’s biggest cities in 2024? The top 10

2. London, England, second in the ranking of Europe’s biggest cities

London is Europe’s second-biggest city, with 8.9 million inhabitants. Often compared to Paris, London is 14 times larger in area than the French capital. This figure makes it easy to appreciate the size gap between these two iconic cities.

plus grandes villes d'europe

3. Saint-Petersburg in Russia

We return briefly to Russia with Saint-Petersburg, Europe’s 3rd biggest city. By 2024, that’s over 5.4 million people living in St. Petersburg, more than twice the population of Paris!

4. Berlin, Germany

We take a step closer to France with Berlin and its 3.7 million inhabitants. The German capital is the 4th biggest city in Europe and the biggest city in the European Union. If you’re interested in the ranking of the biggest cities in the European Union, don’t hesitate to check out the ranking on Wikipedia.


5. Madrid, Spain, fifth biggest city in Europe

Spain’s biggest city and the second biggest in the European Union, Madrid is home to over 3.2 million inhabitants. By comparison, Barcelona has 1.6 million inhabitants, 2 times less than the Spanish capital.


6. Rome, Italy

We continue this ranking of Europe’s biggest cities by heading for the land of la dolce vita, Italy. Rome is Europe’s 6th biggest city, with over 2.9 million inhabitants. The city is also 12 times larger than Paris, no less!


7. Paris in France

Back home at last! Paris is “only” the 7th biggest city in Europe with its 2.1 million inhabitants. If you think Paris is a big city (which it is), this ranking really makes you realize that there’s a lot bigger than us. Well, Paris makes up for it in many other ways, including topping the podium of the world’s most beautiful cities.


8. Vienna, Austria

Often considered the world’s most pleasant city, Vienna is also Europe’s 8 th biggest city with 1.9 million inhabitants. In fact, the city has won Mercer’s ranking of the world’s most pleasant cities 9 times in a row. To give you an idea, Paris is only 39th in the 2024 ranking, oops!

9. Hamburg, Germany

Back to Germany with the country’s second-biggest city, Hamburg. More than 1.8 million people live here at the last census. Often considered one of the country’s most welcoming cities, Hamburg also boasts Germany’s biggest port.

10. Budapest, Hungary, tenth in the ranking of Europe’s biggest cities

We end our ranking of Europe’s biggest cities with a destination we’ve never been to before: Hungary. Its capital, Budapest, is Europe’s 10th biggest city, with a population of 1.7 million. We hope to have the opportunity to discover it very soon!

plus grandes villes europe

Bonus: the city of Istanbul in Turkey

Well, we couldn’t talk about Europe’s biggest cities without mentioning Istanbul in Turkey. Situated right between Asia and Europe, the city has a population of over 15.5 million.

Given that only 4% of the city is in Europe, we decided not to include it in our ranking. Some websites don’t take this into account and rank Istanbul as Europe’s biggest city, which doesn’t really seem to us to reflect the reality of the territory. For your information, Istanbul is nevertheless one of the top 10 world’s biggest cities.

Thanks for reading!

We hope our travel blog’s tips and advice will help you plan your stay in one of Europe’s biggest cities!

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