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Holafly, our opinion on eSIM cards for traveling abroad - Blog Voyage - Découvrir Ensemble

Holafly, our opinion on eSIM cards for traveling abroad

Last update : 7 May 2024
Want to travel abroad without worrying about your internet package and looking for reviews of Holafly and eSIMs? You've come to the right place.

Have you heard of Holafly and are looking for reviews on the service? This article should interest you? It’s getting harder and harder for us to imagine traveling abroad without using our phones… Whether it’s for communicating with our loved ones, finding our way around with GPS or simply posting our travel photos and videos on social networks, having data when traveling often proves indispensable!

So that we can continue to use the Internet on our phones from abroad, we had the opportunity to test Holafly’s eSIMs during a trip to Switzerland. Now that we’re back home, this article gives you our feedback and our full opinion of Holafly.

How Holafly’s eSIMs work

How does an eSIM work?

eSIMs work on the same principle as SIM cards, except that they are dematerialized. Once you’ve placed your order, simply scan the QR code to activate the eSIM on your phone. It’s easy enough to do, and works without having to remove your main SIM. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to use the data from your Holafly package while keeping your main number on WhatsApp.
On the day of your departure, simply make sure to deactivate the cellular network on your main sim card in the settings so that the Holafly package can take over when you travel abroad.


What phones are compatible with eSIM?

Before opting for an eSIM, we also recommend that you carefully check whether your phone is compatible with this technology. As of 2024, over 200 models are compatible with Holafly eSIMs. If your phone is recent, this shouldn’t be a problem, but we’ve added a non-exhaustive list of compatible models. If you can’t find your model, don’t hesitate to ask online or directly with the brand.

esim holafly avis

What countries will Holafly cover in 2024?

Holafly covers over 160 destinations worldwide, which is really very convenient. So you should easily find the eSIM you need. Note that packages and rates differ depending on the countries you select, so we recommend you take a look at their destinations list for full conditions and rates.

Why order a Holafly eSIM card before traveling abroad? Our opinion

The first reason, in our opinion, is to avoid going over budget when traveling abroad, to benefit from unlimited datas while keeping your number to exchange via WhatsApp with your loved ones. Perhaps you already have an international package and are wondering why you should take out an eSIM when traveling abroad? The main reason is that not all countries are covered by this kind of package. In this respect, we advise you to systematically check whether the country you’re planning to visit is covered by it, as this could save you some nasty surprises and blow your vacation budget.

This is what happened to us recently with our journey to Montenegro… A few seconds of data to get our bearings and find a local sim and it’s €50 out of pocket for us. 😅 Suffice to say, we wished we’d anticipated this and had an eSIM with us at the time! The last good reason to order an eSIM before you go on vacation is that you’ll receive a code to activate it, so you don’t have to go anywhere or wait!

carte sim etranger

What are the benefits of traveling with a Holafly eSIM? Our opinion

The main advantage is that with a Holafly eSIM, there’s no need to search for a local SIM as soon as you arrive on vacation. Simply visit the Holafly website to order your eSIM before you travel, and you’re ready to go! What’s more, our data plans are unlimited, so you’ll be able to surf at high speed with no limits during your trip. It’s fast, simple and efficient – in short, we love it. As for us, we tested an eSIM during our recent trip to Switzerland, and we’ll give you our opinion at the end of the article!

esim voyage

What packages are available for your trips abroad?

We recommend that you go directly to the Holafly website to see if your next destination is covered. If you’re going on a roadtrip, Holafly also offers multi-country packages such as the North/South America card or the Asia card, which is even more convenient. If you’d like to try out one of the packages offered by HolaFly, we’re sharing a 5% promo code. Simply enter the code DECOUVRIRENSEMBLE5 when placing your order.

holafly avis

Our opinion of Holafly after a trip to Switzerland

We had the opportunity to test a Holafly eSIM during our last trip to Switzerland. As Switzerland wasn’t covered in our current package, we needed a local SIM. And there was no question of reliving our Montenegro experience! 😅 So we easily set up our eSIM before our departure directly from home. The eSIM option enabled us to keep our number on WhatsApp, which was important to us.

We had no problems with the eSIM on this trip. We were even able to pick up the Internet in the middle of the Bernese Jura mountains – quite a feat! Our experience with our Holafly eSIM was therefore very satisfactory, and from now on we’ll be going through them for our next trips abroad that wouldn’t be covered by our respective packages. A great deal that we wanted to share with you today, in the hope that it will enable you to travel abroad serenely, while staying connected!

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Holafly review, recent experiences from other Holafly users

To complete our review of Holafly, please feel free to consult the feedback from other travelers on the Trustpilot platform. In May 2024, Holafly had an average rating of 4.6/5 out of over 365,000 customer reviews, which is very favorable. To help you and conclude our article, we’ve added below an example of the most recent Holafly reviews on Trustpilot in May 2024.

Holafly opinion #1: A very practical solution

A very practical solution, with all the connection I needed as soon as I arrived in Mexico. My friends and family used local sim cards, and I often had a better connection and no worries about using the GPS, for example.

Date of experience: 02 May 2024
Rating: 5/5

Holafly avis #2 : I took an e sim holafly indonesia...

I took a holafly Indonesia e sim for my trip to BALI. Already a user on previous trips, it’s a reliable solution that allows me to get around easily with MAPS in the country, to call via whatsapp, to consult my usual apps…
This time, I installed the app on my phone and installed the e sim via the app (new for me). I called customer service because I had doubts about the installation. Jonas answered me clearly and precisely and everything worked perfectly during my stay. Well done for your professionalism, friendliness and attention to customer relations!

Date de l’expérience: 30 mai 2024
Note : 5/5

Holafly opinion #3 : Very satisfied with holafly the cat is...

Very satisfied with holafly the chat is efficient with a quick welcome and answers questions efficiently.
Installation is easy and works very well once I arrived in Turkey.
Without hesitation I recommend

Date of experience: April 30, 2023
Rating: 5/5

Holafly review #4: Excellent

Excellent, Super online service.
Advisors who listen and are available to chat and assist you online, even on Sundays.
I was very well advised for my trip to Vietnam and Japan as well as for technical information on the compatibility of our different phones.
I highly recommend Holafly.

Date of experience: 07 January 2024
Rating: 5/5

Holafly review #5: Very good experience

Very good experience, it’s the 1st time I use this esim, at first I was lost, I contacted Yusuf, it’s magic, he explained in detail what to do, he even gave me very useful tips, thank you for taking the time, you are the best.

Date of experience: October 25, 2023
Rating: 5/5

Holafly review #6: Many thanks, keep it up!

She was perfect! I had a lot of questions because I was afraid it wouldn’t work, I installed my esim and I was afraid I’d done something wrong (I had :)) but she knew how to help me and was very reactive and patient despite my numerous screenshots and messages! Thanks to her and to the whole team!

Date of experience: October 24, 2023
Rating: 5/5

holafly avis 2024 avis holafly
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