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The island of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe, must-sees

Last update : 7 May 2024
Welcome to paradise: the island of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe! This small island in the Guadeloupe archipelago was our dream, and we loved discovering it for a day during our trip to Guadeloupe.

If you’re wondering what to do in Guadeloupe, heading for Les Saintes is a great idea. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of the island of Les Saintes, explaining how to get there by ferry, how much time you’ll need to make the most of it, which vehicle to hire… We’ll also give you the best places to eat and drink that we discovered during a day in Les Saintes, Guadeloupe!

Les Saintes in Guadeloupe, how to get there from the main island?

1. Take a ferry from Point à Pitre

We chose to take a Point à Pitre ferry, with the Valferry company. The price was €85 return for two people. Be aware that the crossing moves a lot, we advise you to take a little medicine for seasickness, as many people were sick the whole way (us too for that matter 😂).

2. Take a ferry from Trois Rivières

You can also take a boat from the town of Trois Rivières, which is actually the best-known and fastest crossing. It all depends on what suits you depending on where you’re staying.

les saintes terre de haut

Les Saintes in Guadeloupe, how to get around the island?

Rental a scooter, electric car or bicycles

Once you’ve arrived on the island, we recommend renting a vehicle, otherwise you won’t be able to discover much of the island. We recommend renting a scooter (for around €40/day) or electric cart (for around €60/day). This will give you total freedom to discover Les Saintes and its best spots. We’ve seen that it’s also possible to rent bikes, but it’s pretty steep on all the roads, so you need to be really motivated.

The good thing is that as soon as you arrive at the port, you’ll find numerous car rental companies with no difficulty, and no need to book in advance. We opted for the scooter option and thought it was great! But beware of the 50cc models! They’re really limited for two people, and going uphill is a real pain!

les saintes guadeloupe

Les Saintes in Guadeloupe, how long on the island?

Visiting Les Saintes in Guadeloupe on one day

We chose to visit Les Saintes in Guadeloupe on a single day because the island is really small. By taking a boat early in the morning and returning around 5:30pm, this gives you plenty of time to discover the main places of interest and really enjoy them.

Stay longer to make the most of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe

For those who want to experience Les Saintes to the full and stay longer, you can choose to stay on site. That way you’ll be even more immersed in discovering this island!

Where to stay in Terre du Haut? Hôtel Bois Joli

Destination Les Saintes in Guadeloupe for a few days’ rest! If you’re looking for a hotel with a large pool, a superb view of Pain de Sucre beach and a warm welcome, choose Hôtel Bois Joli. It rents out numerous bungalows and rooms with sea views. You’ll enjoy all the comforts of home, including a buffet breakfast and a snack bar all day long. We didn’t stay there, but the place made us want to!

les saintes guadeloupe what to do

Les Saintes in Guadeloupe, must-sees not to be missed

les saintes terre de haut

The village of Terre de Haut

Stroll through the Boug de Terre de Haut to discover its colorful alleyways, numerous little restaurants and boutiques. We loved the colorful town hall and the view over the bay! The town is bordered by beaches, so the setting is truly adorable.

les saintes terre de haut les saintes terre de haut

The most beautiful beaches of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe

La plage du pain de sucre

This beach is one of the prettiest in Guadeloupe, with its fine sand and exceptional seabed. We advise you to go in the morning to avoid the crowds, and to take your masks and snorkels with you. This will allow you to spend an idyllic morning lazing in the sun! If you’re lucky, you may even come across some iguanas in the private garden along the beach. Park in the small parking lot on the dedicated street and continue on foot for around 10 minutes. In our opinion, this is one of the must-sees in Les Saintes, Guadeloupe, and an address not to be missed.

plage du pain de sucre plage du pain de sucre saintes

Pompierre beach

Bordered by a row of coconut palms, this is the exotic beach par excellence! All you want to do is swim in the turquoise sea. You can also take a stroll to the islet of Roches Percées, which is reached by renting the beach on the right and then swimming to the right. We haven’t been there ourselves, but apparently it’s well worth the detour!



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Le Fort Napoléon

Head for Fort Napoléon for one of the most beautiful views of the island of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe! This fort is perched on a hill 114 meters high, so it’s best to have rented a scooter to get there! It can be visited for just a few euros, and has been listed as a Monument Historique since 1997. We decided to visit it and take advantage of its large garden to admire the view of Les Saintes, a marvel! We’d advise you to pay attention to the opening hours though, it closes quite early, around 12:30 it seems to us.

fort napoleon les saintes les saintes guadeloupe les saintes en guadeloupe

Hôtel-restaurant Le KANAOA

We stumbled across a sign for Le Kanaoa restaurant… This led us to the place where we spent part of the day. This hotel also doubles as a restaurant, and the setting is incredible, with a private pontoon, swimming pool and private beach overlooking the Baie des Saintes. We had lunch there, the food was pretty good, and then spent some time at the pool. Note that if you have lunch here, you’ll have access to the private beach and pool! We loved the calm and beauty of the place, and recommend it with our eyes closed.

restaurant Kanaoa restaurant les saintes

The torments of love

It’s impossible to visit Les Saintes in Guadeloupe without sampling one of the island’s specialties, tourments d’amour. With a name like that, it’s hard not to be tempted. Along the way, you’ll come across locals selling this soft little coconut cake. We recommend you take home a small packet to enjoy the following days, it’s a delight!

tourments d'amour

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fort napoleon
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