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Things to do in Seville, Spain, our 10 must-sees - Blog Voyage - Découvrir Ensemble

Things to do in Seville, Spain, our 10 must-sees

Last update : 20 April 2024
Are you planning to visit Seville in Spain and wondering what to do and see? Find out on our travel blog, our must-sees and good addresses.

Visiting Seville in Spain is a great idea! It’s one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations, and if you like travelling in Spain, you’re going to love discovering Andalusia. Today on our travel blog, we’re sharing with you our full itinerary as well as a list of must-sees and good addresses for what to do in Seville. Happy reading and happy vacations under the Andalusian sun. 

How many days to visit Seville?

We recommend visiting Seville in 3 days to get the most out of the city. That’s what we did, and it’s the minimum time we recommend to discover the city. Visit Seville in 3 days, and you’ll be sure to take the time to discover all the city’s key points. We also recommend that you take advantage of your time in Seville to discover the region. Andalusia is a beautiful place! We share all our ideas for what to do in Andalusia in our dedicated article.

Visiting Seville, what to do?

1. Plaza de España

This is the must-see must-see if you’re planning to visit Seville. The Plaza de España is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, and we loved walking around it. If you’re planning to visit Seville in 3 days, you’ll probably have the opportunity to pass through twice. We recommend that you get there early in the morning to enjoy the peace and quiet, and then come back at sunset. This combination will allow you to discover the Plaza de España in two very different atmospheres, in the morning without too many people and in the evening with the beautiful colors of the sunset. Note that the square is open every day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, and access is free of charge. 

que faire seville plaza de espana plaza de espana seville

2. Maria Luisa Park

While you’re passing through Plaza de España, take a stroll through Maria Luisa Park. If you come to Seville during the hot weather, you’ll no doubt be very happy to take advantage of the park’s coolness. In the park you’ll find beautiful orange tree avenues, fountains and small kiosks typical of Seville.

parc maria luisa seville

3. Seville Cathedral

We suggest you start your stroll around downtown Seville with its Gothic Cathedral. The Cathedral’s architecture is truly splendid. You can climb the 35-storey tower for a panoramic view of the neighborhood. Allow 30 minutes to visit Seville Cathedral. Right next door, you’ll find the Plaza de la Alianza, also well worth a visit.

cathedrale seville

4. Santa Cruz Jewish Quarter

We loved strolling through Seville’s old Jewish quarter. The Santa Cruz district was one of our favorite places in Seville, and we recommend you don’t miss it. Here you’ll find a lively area with cute little streets, good cafés and restaurants. While in the neighborhood, don’t miss the garden de las tres fuentes and the balcón de Rosina.

santa cruz seville visiter seville el balcon de rosina

5. Seville’s Alcazar

Another must-see if you’re planning to visit Seville. Just one recommendation before we tell you about the place: book your tickets in advance. As with Granada’s Alhambra, Seville’s Alcázar is one of the city’s most popular attractions, so it’s often fully booked. The Alcazar is a magnificent place, combining architecture, history and sumptuous gardens. A visit to the Alcazar costs between €14 and €20. The visit will take between 1h30 and 2h00. A small cafeteria is available inside.

Book your tickets for the Alcazar in Seville - Blog Voyage - Découvrir Ensemble
Book your tickets for the Alcazar in Seville

Don’t hesitate to book your seats in advance to visit Seville’s Alcazar.

Alcazar Seville Alcazar Seville

6. Plaza del Cabildo

The Plaza del Cabildo is a beautiful square accessed via two magnificent vaulted passageways. The square is small but very pleasant. We recommend stopping off for an ice cream, as the decor is well worth a visit. Entrance is totally free. A good idea for a spot if you’re looking for what to do in Seville.

plaza del cabildo

7. Casa de Pilatos

Casa de Pilatos is a beautiful residence that can be visited daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. If you’re interested in visiting, we recommend you get there early, as the place gets crowded very quickly. We came around 12:00 and the place was saturated, so we decided to turn back. It costs €6 to visit Casa de Pilatos.

casa del pilatos

8. Alfafa district with Las Setas

We loved strolling through Seville’s Alfafa district. It’s here that you’ll discover a structure unique to Seville, Las Setas. We really recommend this visit, as it offers a beautiful view of the district. Admission costs €15 and includes access to the structure’s night-time entertainment. The tour also includes the screening of a film about Seville, which we thought was very well done. In short, a visit we’d definitely recommend adding to your list of things to do in Seville.

visiter seville las setas seville las setas nocturne

9. Plaza del Pan

Right next to Las Setas, you’ll find the Plaza del Pan or the Plaza Jesús de la Pasión. This is a beautiful square, and we recommend that you pass through it on your visit to the city. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and stores here. 

plaza del pan seville

10. Torre del Oro

We end our list of must-sees in Seville with the Torre del Oro. An opportunity for us to discover a beautiful walk along the quays of the Alfonso XIII canal. It’s a very pleasant walk to take at the end of the day, and one we’d recommend. The view from the tower is very pretty, so don’t hesitate to climb to the top. Note that the price of access is free, you can choose the amount of your choice. 

torre del oro seville

Visiting Seville, where to eat?

  • El Pintón: a great restaurant offering great food and cocktails. You can go there with your eyes closed.
  • Jester Speciality Coffee: for a delicious coffee or brunch in Seville.
  • Al Lado: a very good address that we had the opportunity to discover on New Year’s Eve. The food is very good and the staff are very attentive. In the immediate vicinity of Seville Cathedral.
  • Heladeria Maria Limones Centro: undoubtedly one of the best ice cream parlors in town! If you’re in the area, go for it.
  • NapOlé Pizzeria: for pizza on the go in the Alfafa district. The pizzas are very good.
  • Chok: a great address for a snack. Be careful if you’re greedy you might crack easily!
  • Pura Vida Terraza: we had the opportunity to test the bar located on the rooftop and we recommend it as it offers a breathtaking view of Seville Cathedral.
ou manger seville restaurants seville

Visiting Seville, where to sleep?

Guadalupe 15 by Magno Apartments

If you’re looking for a great hotel address in Seville, we recommend this one. The hotel is ideally located for discovering Seville on foot. The rooms are equipped with kitchens, which is rather practical if you don’t want to go out to eat at lunchtime or in the evening. The hotel also has a swimming pool on its rooftop, very pleasant after a long day walking in the city.

ou dormir Séville

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Our selection of the best hotels to visit Seville

If you’re looking for a hotel with a swimming pool in Seville, we suggest you take a look at our selection of the city’s finest addresses. You should easily find what you’re looking for!

Visiting Seville and Andalusia, how to organize your trip properly

How to get to Seville

To find the best mode of transport to visit Seville, we advise you to always look on the OMIO comparator. This will give you an overview of all available modes of transport. You’ll be able to compare prices very easily;

How to rent a car at the best price in Seville

If you’d like to rent a car during your trip to discover the area around Seville, we recommend looking on the RentalCars website. This will enable you to find the best prices and conditions for your rental.

How to organize a road trip in Andalusia

If you have the time, we recommend taking advantage of being in Seville to discover Andalusia. You’ll have the opportunity to discover magnificent towns like Granada, Ronda, Cordoba or the route of the white villages of Andalusia. You can find our full itinerary on our dedicated article.

andalousie blog voyage

How to find the best hotels to visit Seville

In order to find the best hotels and benefit from the best conditions (security, cancellation…) we go almost exclusively through for our trips. We recommend that you take a look at the available hotels before you leave. You can filter them according to their ratings. There are plenty of recent customer reviews, so there are no unpleasant surprises when you’re traveling!

How to find ideas for things to do in Seville

If you want to get ideas for things to do on your vacation and want to book in advance, we’d also recommend taking a look at the GetYourGuide website. This will give you an overview of the activities on offer in your destination, so you don’t have to wait until you get there to book your places.

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We hope the tips and good addresses on our travel blog will help you know what to do in Seville!

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