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The best hotels in Santorini with private pool

Last update : 25 February 2024

You’re about to go on vacation to the Cyclades and you’re wondering how to choose the best hotels in Santorini with private pool? In this blog post, we share with you our bucket list of the 10 most beautiful must-do hotels in Santorini during your stay. These hotels have been on our radar for a while, and we’re delighted to share them with you in this top list. The establishments featured in this article are among the top-ranked on, ensuring a superb experience during your vacation in the Greek Islands! If you’d also like to plan your trip we suggest you discover our complete guide to the must-sees in Santorini.

Where to stay in Oia? The best hotels in Santorini with private pool

1. Cave Suite Oia, our first address of the best hotels in Santorini with private pool

This is one of our favorite addresses for hotels in Santorini! The hotel is perfectly located and gives you access to a panoramic view of Santorini’s best sunsets. With its dream location, private pools and breakfast included in the price, this is one of the best value-for-money hotels on Oia! The hotel is very well soundproofed and the team is attentive.

++ : the view of the sailboats in the Caldera from the room.

Average traveler rating on Booking: 9.6/10

hôtels santorin piscine privée hôtels santorin piscine privée

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2. Old Castle Oia

It’s impossible to visit Oia without stopping off to discover this hotel, so enviable is its swimming pool! The location is also perfect, as it’s right in the center of Oia, close to the old castle. Perfectly positioned with a breathtaking view of the Caldera, this hotel will give you a front-row seat for every sunset of your trip. The swimming pool is magnificent and boasts a breathtaking view of the village of Oia and the port of Ammoudi.

++ : the possibility of having the hotel team assist you in carrying your luggage up the village’s many, many stairs. We had this on our trip there, it’s very practical as the cobbled streets are very narrow and steep!

Average rating on Booking: 9.5/10

best hotels Santorini

© Photos hotels Santorini Old Castle Oia –

3. Enalion White Suites Oia

This hotel in Santorini is more affordable than the previous two and has a good location on Oia’s main street. The private heated pool on the terrace facing the sunset makes for an exceptional experience. Being able to enjoy the sunset without being in the crowd is a great advantage in Oia! The rooms are also well decorated and the host is adorable.

++ : its location on Oia’s main street means you’ll be right in the heart of town and have a great view of the sunset.

Average rating on Booking: 9.2/10

best hotels Santorini Enalion White Suites Oia

© Photos Santorini hotels Enalion White Suites –

4. Amaya Selections of Villas

If you’re absolutely looking for an unobstructed view for your hotel in Santorini, you won’t be disappointed with Amaya. The villa is very well placed and fully equipped, not to mention the Jacuzzi with its incredible view of the Caldera. Breakfast on the terrace is brought directly to you in the morning, a great way to start your day in Santorini!

++ : breakfast included in the price with a breathtaking view of the Caldera.

Average rating on Booking: 9.1/10

best hotels Santorini Amaya Oia

© Photos hotels Santorini Selections of Amaya villas –

5. La Perla Villas and Suites, our fifth address for the best hotels in Santorini with private pools

Here’s a Santorini hotel that lives up to its name! La Perla Villas and Suites is a real gem ideally located in Oia. Once again, the hotel is perfectly positioned and boasts breathtaking rooms. The infinity pool, with its breathtaking view of the Cardera, is sure to win you over! To top it all off, the breakfasts are excellent.

++ : the infinity pool with a breathtaking view of the Cardera.

Average rating on Booking: 9.4/10

best hotels Santorini hotels santorini private pool

© Photos hotels Santorini La Perla Villas and Suites –

6. Armeni Luxury Villas

We finish our selection of addresses on Oia with a hotel perfect for recharging your batteries and regaining strength during your vacation. With this hotel in Santorini, you’ll have an incredible view of the village and the Caldera from your private terrace! As well as the terrace, you’ll be able to relax in your room’s large private swimming pool – with a view, of course! If you’re looking for a hotel in Santorini with a private pool and a breathtaking view, we can only recommend this address.

++ : the brightness of the rooms, which are very well exposed from sunrise to sunset.

Average rating on Booking: 9.5/10

Santorini hotels

Where to stay in Fira? The best hotels in Santorini with private pools

1. Aria Suites & Villas, our first address of the best hotels in Santorini with private pool in Fira

This accommodation boasts stunning sea views from the terrace. One thing’s for sure, this hotel in Santorini will let you relax and make the most of the scenery! Special mention must be made of the exceptional quality of the breakfasts, which are served in the rooms every morning at a time of your choosing. It’s also a 3-minute walk to Fira city center.

++ : fresh breakfasts served every morning included in the price.

Average rating on Booking: 9.3/10

best hotels Santorini Aria Suites Villas

© Photos Santorini hotels Aria Suites & Villas –

2. Aperto Suites

Another good address for peace and quiet in the heart of Fira. This hotel also boasts breathtaking views of the Caldera (you’re getting used to this top ;)). The rooms are superb, with private outdoor Jacuzzis. Breakfast is included in the price.

++ : you have everything nearby: restaurants, stores, bars all while being in a quiet location.

Average rating on Booking: 9/10

best hotels Santorini Aperto Suites Fira

© Photos hotels Santorini Aperto Suites –

3. Limestone

If you’re looking for an establishment close to Fira town center (allow 3 minutes on foot), you’ve found the right address! The hotel is centrally located and boasts a terrace with an incredible view. Breakfast is also excellent. The only problem with this hotel is that you’ll probably find it very hard to leave!

++ : disorienting room with an incredible view from the bed and private Jacuzzi.

Average rating on Booking: 9.8/10

best hotels Santorini Limestone Fira

© Photos hotels Santorini Limestone –

4. Irene City Villas

This hotel is on a human scale and allows you to disconnect far from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, all while being very well located. It’s a 5-minute walk from the villa to Fira town center. Rooms are clean and spacious, with private Jacuzzis. Breakfasts are included in the price and feature fresh produce. An excellent choice for your hotel in Santorini!

++ : a human-sized hotel in close proximity to Fira town center.

Average rating on Booking: 9.5/10

best hotels Santorini Irene City Villas Fira

© Photos hotels Santorini Irene City Villas –

5. Aroma Suites, our latest address for the best hotels in Santorini with private pools

For this last address of the best hotels in Santorini, find everything you need in a good hotel address in Santorini: an exceptional location, a breathtaking view, a fresh and hearty breakfast and private Jacuzzis… enough for a superb vacation in Fira!

++ : traditional architecture with one of the best views in Fira.

Average rating on Booking: 9.2/10

Best hotels Santorini Aroma Suite Fira

© Photos hotels Santorini Aroma Suites –

The hotels in this top list are meant to inspire you and help you find the best hotels in Santorini with a private pool. We haven’t tested all of them yet, but they’re all in our selection for our next Santorini vacation. If you’d like more inspiration, we recommend you check out our articles on the best hotels for your travels.


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