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Things to do in Martinique, France – Our must-sees

Last update : 7 May 2024
Planning your next trip and wondering what to see and do in Martinique? This blog post is for you! We set off on a trip to Martinique in January, to discover its must-sees in 10 days. And guess what? We fell under its spell!

Instantly won over by the beauty of the many paradisiacal beaches, the great diversity of landscapes, fauna and flora. And sunbathing in the middle of winter is pretty magical, don’t you think? We’re taking you with us, through this guide, on our trip to Martinique, and we hope to inspire you to discover this beautiful destination.
From Le Diamant beach to the famous Anses d’Arlet and its turtles, discover in our travel blog all the things to do in Martinique during 10 days. Here’s a little tip to make the most of our photos and advice: imagine yourself with your feet in the water, sipping a planteur and you’re ready to go!

What to do in Martinique? Our itinerary for visiting the flower island in 10 days on our travel blog

Itinéraire Martinique

10 days in Martinique, where to sleep?

Pierre & Vacances Sainte-Luce

For our entire stay, we slept in the south of Martinique, at the Village Pierre & Vacances Sainte-Luce. We loved our 10 days in this colorful, warm and welcoming establishment. Its location is a real asset for visiting the south of the island, as you’re close to all the places to discover in the south of the island.

This little corner of tropical paradise has its feet in the water, with a superb beach just a few minutes’ walk away. You’ll also have access to a large swimming pool and a host of activities and entertainment. We appreciated the diversity of the catering on offer (a snack bar, a buffet restaurant, a takeaway, a bar) and we also had a kitchen in our accommodation, allowing us to be totally self-sufficient during our stay.  The apartments are comfortable and air-conditioned, we felt right at home during this vacation and almost had a hard time leaving! 😂 If you’re a watersports enthusiast, you’ll find it possible to do some from the Village by going directly to the little hut next to the beach.

So if you were wondering where to sleep in Martinique, go for the Pierre & Vacances, a perfect compromise (in our opinion) between a hotel and a rental apartment. 🌴

pierre et vacances martinique pierre et vacances martinique pierre et vacances martinique

Since the creation of this article, we’ve written a selection of the best hotels in Martinique. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Martinique, we recommend a visit.

What to do in Martinique? Our must-sees on our travel blog

Les Anses d’Arlet

If you’re wondering what to do in Martinique, Anses d’Arlet is the place to go. The whole of Anses d’Arlet runs along the Caribbean coast and offers breathtaking beaches. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of this part of the island, and it remains one of our favorites. Between the wild beaches, crystal-clear water, turtles and colorful houses, you’ve got plenty to do! It’s also the perfect place for water sports or lunch breaks by the water. If you’re wondering what to do in Martinique, Anses d’Arlet is the place to head first!

Anse d’Arlet le Bourg, the postcard of Martinique

Le Bourg (understand the little town) in Anse d’Arlet, is made up of colorful old traditional Creole houses, a small shopping street, a pontoon jutting out into the turquoise water, small restaurants and bars. This postcard-perfect spot is undoubtedly one of the most popular and photographed in Martinique! It even came close to being voted “France’s Favorite Village” in 2020. The photo everyone comes to take is of the little church of Saint Henri from the pontoon. Nestled in the heart of the soft-green mountains and almost with its feet in the water… we have to admit, we fell for it too! 😂 So this is obviously the number 1 must-see on your trip, to be placed right at the top of your Martinique bucket list!

Anses-d'Arlet Bourg Anses-d'Arlet Bourg

Grande Anse d’Arlet

We loved this large sandy beach with crystal-clear waters! On the day’s agenda: swimming in the transparent Caribbean waters, discovering the beauty of the seabed, having a drink in one of the many little restaurants (our favorite was Ti Sable, about which we’ll tell you more later) and finding a shady spot under a coconut tree to rest. A real favorite for the relaxed, family atmosphere on this beach and for the beauty of the landscape.

For the more motivated, you can take a hike to Morne Champagne, just behind. We stayed at the beach, but shhh. 🤫😂

  • Good address for lunch in Martinique: Ti Sable a beach restaurant with a nice atmosphere and tasty, local dishes. You can also rent a deckchair and parasol for the day (around €10 per day, we think). The setting is really pretty but it’s often quite popular, so think about coming early or booking before you come.
Grande Anse d'Arlet Martinique Grande Anse d'Arlet Martinique Grande Anse d'Arlet

Anse Dufour, to swim with the turtles

Anse Dufour beach is well worth a visit for its white sand, fishermen’s huts and calm, clear water. It’s the ideal place for turtle watching and snorkeling in Martinique. Although it’s quite rare to witness such a spectacle, make sure you don’t get too close and give them several meters of space. We were saddened to see some tourists getting dangerously close to the turtles, touching them to take photos… Let’s remember that we’re in their environment and it’s important to respect them! 🐢💙

A few easy guidelines to follow: no sudden movements, no shouting and a minimum distance of 5 meters between you and the turtle. Try to stay still and above all avoid chasing them. Some turtles are handicapped, so it’s vital to respect them as much as possible.

This beach is quickly overrun by tourists. We recommend that you get there early enough in the morning to enjoy it (around 7am), which will allow you to witness the beauty of the setting and also park without worries!

Anse Dufour Martinique Anse Dufour Tortues

Anse Noire, to feel alone in the world

One of our favorites of our trip! If you’re still wondering what to do in Martinique look no further! 🖤 This wild, black-sand beach has to be earned, and you’ll have to go down (then up 🥲) some 136 steps to get there. It’s not too difficult for people without reduced mobility, even with children. Once you’re down there, you’ll feel truly alone in the world, facing a heavenly lagoon!

We loved strolling along the large pontoon, playing Robinsons in this wild setting and swimming in the clear waters of Anse Noire. Don’t forget your mask and snorkel! Anse Noire is also the starting point for a number of water-based activities, including boat trips. You can rent kayaks or paddleboards on this beach, a great idea for venturing out to sea and getting an original view of the beach. In fact, many boats are at anchor to take advantage of this unique view!

We liked it so much that we came back twice, something we rarely do on our travels. A real must-see for your stay in Martinique!

Anse noire Anse noire martinique Anse noire martinique

Diamond beach, the most beautiful beach in Martinique?

What to do in Martinique? Enjoy the beaches and the incredible Diamant beach, which is one of our favorites! It’s 3 km long, and all along your walk you’ll have a view of its superb rock and numerous coconut palms. We 100% recommend going there at sunset for a superb view. If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique, you’ve got to go to Diamant beach!

However, it’s not the most peaceful beach for swimming. The current is very strong, so you need to be very careful. Surfing and bodyboarding enthusiasts will be delighted.

La balançoire de la Plage du Diamant: the instagrammable spot on the beach! Installed by an association called Valorisation Martinique, it’s all the rage, just like the Swing in the Water at Anse Caritan and the Nest at Anse Michel (which we tell you about further down the article). To get straight to the swing and avoid searching for it along the 3 km of beach, park directly at exit number 3. The swing will be directly on your left. Very close to Plage du Diamant, you’ll find Morne Larcher and Clochette, for a short hike that offers a crazy view.

plage du diamant Martinique plage du diamant martinique What to do in Martinique

Anse Caritan, the must-do beach at sunset

Very close to the Bourg de Sainte-Anne, we loved this little beach that’s lined with lush vegetation! L’Anse Caritan promises an ultra-calm swim, and you’ll be on your feet for a very long time. It’s one of Martinique’s most pleasant beaches for families with young children.
We fell in love with the swings in the water, still installed by Valorisation Martinique. That makes it the must-see spot for a sunset! Access is very easy, just park on the main driveway and walk to the end of the beach.

It was on this beach that we were lucky enough to experience such a unique moment and discover this magical island. If you’re looking for what to do in Martinique, we can’t recommend enough that you experience a sunset at Anse Caritan!

Anse Caritan Balançoire caritan

La plage des Salines / Grande Anse des Salines

During your trip to Martinique, save a slot in your itinerary for a morning at Plage des Salines. This long strip of fine sand with turquoise waters makes for an incredible setting! We loved swimming there, with very little current, which allowed us to snorkel. We advise you to discover it early in the morning to avoid the crowds, as it’s a very touristy beach.

If you hear the sound of a bell, you’ll have the chance to taste some wonderful homemade sorbets: coconut, peanut or guava flavored. A gourmet snack for 2 or 3€, right on the water. If for you the question “what to do in Martinique” rhymes with white sandy beaches, ice creams and palm trees this spot may well please you!

Plage des Salines Plage des Salines Plage des Salines

L’Anse Michel

Another favorite is this wilder-looking beach. The beach is bordered by huge coconut palms and the water is really turquoise. We spent a good part of the day relaxing on this heavenly beach, which gives the impression of being on an island! In fact, just across the road, there’s a small island you can spend the day on: Ilet Chevalier. You can get there by water cab.

Anse Michel is a paradise for kite surfers, as there’s plenty of wind. You can rent one or simply admire it from the beach. Another fun water activity to do on this beach: rent kayaks and enjoy the incredibly clear seabed. 🐠

Cool photo spot: the bird’s nest installed by Valorisation Martinique, access on foot is detailed on their Instagram account from the parking lot.

  • Good address for lunch in Martinique: Oh Cocotiers a beach restaurant that makes delicious Creole dishes. 
Anse Michel Martinique

The Balata Garden

One of the must-visits on your trip to Martinique: the Jardin de Balata. Located north of Fort de France, this incredible garden opened its doors in the 1990s and offers the chance to discover over 200 species of tropical plants and flowers. 🌺 You might be lucky enough to admire some cute little hummingbirds – we were in total love! 😍

The 2-hour visit was a real eye-opener! There’s also a small suspended walkway where you can observe the view and the vegetation from several meters above the ground.

Practical information: the garden is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and costs €14 for adults, €8 for 3-12 year-olds and free for children under 3. A great idea for a fun visit if you’re wondering what to do in Martinique with kids! 🙂

  • Good food address: La luciole the restaurant at the entrance to the Jardin de Balata is the ideal address for lunch before or after the tour. For €25 per person, you can enjoy a menu with starter – main course – dessert & planteur. 😉 Local specialities served with a smile. Don’t forget to make a reservation, as the place is very popular! 
Jardin de Balata Martinique Jardin de Balata Martinique Jardin de Balata Martinique Jardin de Balata Martinique

L’Habitation Clément: an authentic rum distillery in Martinique

If you’d like to visit a rum distillery to discover this Antillean rum know-how and culture, we warmly recommend Habitation Clément. Located in the commune of Le François, the distillery and house can be visited for around 2 hours. We loved the beauty of the place, the simplicity with which rum-making is explained, and all the information about the history of the product, its market and the island itself – a real immersion in a field we don’t know that much about!

The visit ends with a tasting session. 😋 You’ll no doubt be tempted by the boutique to take bottles home for your friends and family! We decided to get takeaway food from a nearby restaurant and have lunch in Habitation Clément’s huge garden. This day was great, we really recommend you do the same! ✨

Practical info: open daily from 9am to 6:30pm. Rates: adults 13€, 7-17 years 8€, under 7 free.

  • Good food address: Kai Nono delicious local dishes to eat in or take away. 
Habitation Clement Martinique Habitation Clement Martinique Habitation Clement Martinique

What to do in Martinique? Visit the north of the island

We didn’t have time to visit the North of the Island as we already had plenty to do in the South and had chosen to take only one accommodation, the Village Pierre & Vacances de Sainte-Luce. Our advice would probably be to take accommodation in the north of the island for 2 nights. Still, we’ll tell you about the various points of interest we were keen to discover in the north of Martinique. Now we know what to do in Martinique for our next trip to the island! 😉

L’Anse Couleuvre

This wild Anse of volcanic sand looks superb, it was really catching our eye and we’re already looking forward to returning to Martinique to discover it.  If you have time to go, send us a little photo of this beach surrounded by high cliffs!


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The village of Grand Rivière

The village of Grand Rivière is called “the commune at the end of the world”, this colorful little fishing village is located at the very north of Martinique. Well worth a visit, apparently!

What to do in Martinique? Some ideas for unusual activities

If you want to know what to do in Martinique as activities we offer you a small selection that we loved.

Visit the Mangrove with the Mantou

A fun idea for an activity if you’re looking for what to do in Martinique! We spent a morning alongside the guides of Le Mantou, who take you on board a small boat to discover Les Trois-îlets. A fascinating eco-excursion that took us through the Mangrove and allowed us to observe the many crabs in their environment. Our guide Faustin was a real pleasure to work with! He taught us a lot about Martinique’s flora and fauna. The morning ended on an ilet with a tasting of homemade planters, in the good humor of the group. We really recommend this experience on your trip to Martinique! 🦀

Mangrove Martinique Mangrove Martinique

Go transparent kayaking with Fleurd’O, Eco Excursion

Another magical eco-excursion to experience and one more idea for what to do in Martinique! Fleurd’O’s guide Marc will take you to discover the seabed and a sandbank aboard transparent kayaks. This is one of our favorite activities in Martinique, and we’d recommend it 100%. And after the effort (about 1 hour rowing), the comfort! A well-deserved break on a simple bench with Marc’s homemade aperitif. It’s a well-known fact that you row much better after a glass of planteur. 😂🍹

Special mention for the guide’s many jokes and riddles, which will lighten the mood of the group and awaken spirits!

kayak transparent martinique kayak transparent martinique

Visit Martinique, practical information on our travel blog

How to get to Martinique with the flight comparator Liligo

To book our flights, we used the Liligo flight comparator, which lets you compare different flight and airline options as well as get the best prices. A great option for organizing your future travels! ✈️ By the way, we’ve been sharing our adventures in photos and videos on Liligo’s Instagram account, so don’t hesitate to go and follow them, they’re sure to get you traveling! For this trip, we chose to fly with Air France. 9h direct flight from Paris to Fort-de-France.

What to do in Martinique

Which car rental company should you choose for your vacation in Martinique?

We really recommend renting a car for your vacation in Martinique. It allows you to be really more free in the organization of your stay.

If you’d like to rent a car during your trip, we recommend you take a look at the RentalCars website. This will enable you to find the best prices and conditions for your rental. We rented a car from AVIS and everything went smoothly.

All car rental companies are located within a 15/20 minute walk of the airport. There are regular shuttles to the airport, so you can be there in 5 minutes, which is very convenient.

When to travel to Martinique?

  • Dry period between December and May (called Lent): milder temperatures. We went in January and the temperature was ideal: between 23 and 27 degrees, a few showers.
  • Wet period between June and November (called wintering): heavy rainfall especially at the end of the day. 

How to find the best hotels to visit Martinique

In order to find the best hotels and benefit from the best conditions (security, cancellation…) we go almost exclusively through for our trips. We recommend that you take a look at the available hotels and filter them according to their ratings. There are plenty of recent customer reviews, so there are no nasty surprises when you’re traveling!

How to find ideas for activities to do on your holiday

If you want to get ideas for activities to do on your vacation and want to book in advance, we’d also recommend taking a look at the GetYourGuide site. This will give you an overview of the activities on offer in your destination, so you don’t have to wait until you get there to book your places.

Some safety tips for a worry-free trip

  • Beware of mosquitoes and bites that carry tropical diseases (dengue, zika…). Remember to buy special products for tropical mosquitoes! 
  • Beware of Mancenillier trees! These trees marked with a red trace are also nicknamed “the trees of death” are poisonous and must not be touched. Be alert to these markings and stay away from them. 

What to see and do in Martinique? Our opinion of the island

This trip to Martinique in the middle of winter did us a world of good! We really appreciated the diversity of the landscapes, the beauty of the beaches and the lush vegetation. We recommend a minimum 10-day trip, to give you enough time to visit the island and enjoy relaxing moments on the beach. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be back on the island soon to discover even more!

What to do in Martinique
Article in commercial collaboration - Blog Voyage - Découvrir Ensemble
Article in commercial collaboration

This article was produced in collaboration with the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme. Our opinions are personal and sincere.

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We hope the tips and good addresses on our travel blog will help you know what to do in Martinique!

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