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Last update : 21/08/2023

 Zakynthos Greece

Destination Greece and more specifically a still rather unknown island in the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos, also known as Zante in French. Not yet as touristy as cyclades islands like Santorini and Mykonos, we had a bit of trouble finding information about this destination. We hope this blog post will help you make the most of your stay in Zakynthos during your holiday in Greece.

You’ll soon realize that the island of Zakynthos is full of surprises: magnificent beaches, turquoise waters, water sports, turtles…. One thing’s for sure, you’re in for an unforgettable vacation! For our part, we decided to stay 5 days on the island, and we think that’s the minimum if you really want to enjoy it. We then took a ferry to its neighboring island, Cephalonia. Follow our guide to organizing your vacation to Zakynthos in the Greek Islands, you won’t be disappointed!

Visit Zakynthos, Zante, where to sleep?

Windmill Bay Argassi Hotel Zakynthos

We stayed several nights at the Windmill Bay Hotel, in the town of Argassi in Zakynthos and found it top notch! First of all, we loved the decoration of the room and the large balcony, so you’ll have enough space for a stay of several days.

The hotel is well placed on the island of Zakynthos, a 10-minute drive from the town of Zakynthos (the island’s capital) and a 5-minute walk from Argassi, a small but lively tourist town, where you’ll find plenty of restaurants, bars and stores.

Several things convinced us about this place: its sea view, its swimming pool and its restaurant offer. Indeed, breakfast is included and you can also choose to have lunch and dinner on site. We’ll tell you more about the hotel’s delicious restaurant in the “Where to eat” section.

The only small drawback is the isolation of the rooms overlooking the road, so we advise you to call and ask for a room on the sea side for more peace and quiet. Otherwise, everything was top-notch!

hotel Zakynthos


What to do in Zakynthos? Our must-sees

carte Zakynthos


Navagio Beach View point – Shipwreck Zakynthos

You probably know the island of Zakynthos for this incredible viewpoint, the most famous on the island. It’s true that it’s by far the most sensational viewpoint on the island! So we recommend that you don’t miss out. This turquoise-blue beach can be admired from a high cliff, allowing you to discover the grounded ship. The official viewpoint is located close to the parking lot, but we recommend that you walk about 15 minutes to reach the viewpoint in our photos. To do so, simply follow the signposted path. Bring water and sneakers as the path, although accessible, is full of holes and rocks.

For the record, this “Shipwreck”, understand shipwreck, ran aground there in 1980. This cigarette and alcohol smuggler’s boat was abandoned by its crew during a chase with the police. It is said to be the reason why the beach gradually took shape, the sand accumulating around it and creating this incredible gradation of blues.

Update: many of you have told us on Instagram that since our visit to this spot on Zakynthos, the cliff has been heavily regulated by the authorities following several falls and deaths of visitors. To date, the only area remaining accessible is the official platform, which already offers a beautiful viewpoint!

Navagio Beach ZanteNavagio Beach ZanteNavagio Beach Zakynthos


Navagio beach or Zakynthos shipwreck bay

For those wishing to go and discover Zakynthos’ famous Navagio beach, also known as Shipwreck Bay, be aware that it is only accessible by boat. For those who are tempted by the experience, we give you two tips to make it a success and really enjoy it (not like us 😅).

We really recommend going from 3pm onwards, as there will be fewer people on the beach. Also, book onto a small boat, which you’ll find departing from Porto Vromi or Port Agios Nikolaos. This will give you a more confidential and enjoyable experience. We’ve added links to these activities at the end of the article! Although it’s a beautiful sandy beach and it’s fun to see the beached boat up close, we recommend you choose your boat carefully if you don’t want to be disappointed.

For our part, we set sail at 8:30am with a large boat leaving from the east, booked on Peters Tours for €50 for two, but we wouldn’t recommend the experience. Too many people on the boat and on the beach with only an hour on the spot to enjoy the beach.

Navagio Zante Beach


Porto Vromi

Porto Vromi is a small, confidential beach and harbor where you can take small boats to Zakynthos. We went there for a picnic lunch and really liked the place. This little cove with its clear water is very soothing. We really recommend renting your boat directly here to go to Plage de Navagio.

Porto Vromi Zante


Porto Steniti

This is probably our favorite Zakynthos address, yet it’s not very well known! This little calanque named Porto Steniti has an air of Gorges du Verdon or Calanques de Cassis but 100 times more confidential. For good reason, access by car is complicated. Count on 25 minutes alone on the road and a vertiginous end to the journey. But once you’ve arrived, you’re truly alone in the world! We spent several hours swimming in the turquoise waters, a real delight. It’s a real little cove in the heart of the cliffs, and we really appreciated its tranquillity. For those who’d like to discover it without the complication of the road, some boat tours from Porto Vromi will take you to see it and make a little splash! You’re sure to fall in love 💙

Porto StenitiZakynthosPorto Steniti


Porto Roxa

This little private beach in Zakynthos is a must! Each of the beds and deckchairs are free, and you can sit there for hours just ordering a drink or something to eat. The address seems to be fairly confidential, as there weren’t many people there when we came. Yet the setting is truly incredible! We settled into a large bed and ordered 2 smoothies. The staff are adorable and don’t push you to consume, it’s a place where you feel good. We recommend it if you want to spend a chill, relaxing day in a hot Zakynthos setting!

Porto Roxa ZantePorto Roxa


The island of Marathonisi or the turtle island of Zakynthos

Marathonisi Island is located just opposite Zakynthos, and can be reached by sea, either by renting a boat without a license or by taking one of the boats that lead there. For our part, we booked a boat tour with Peters Tours, this time on a 21-person boat, which was perfect. He took us on a tour of the caves on the island of Zakynthos and then on to Turtle Island. Indeed, we passed 3 turtles along the way! 😍 We really recommend this half-day experience, which will allow you to discover totally different landscapes and swim in the crystal-clear waters of Greece.


Marathonisi ZanteTortues ZanteMarathonisi


Laganas Beach / Cameo Island

This incredible spot in Zakynthos is located in the corner of Agios Sostis and is clearly worth a visit! This small island was created following an earthquake in 1663. Connected by an ultra-photogenic pontoon bridge, it boasts a private beach in an incredible setting that makes you feel like you’re on the other side of the world. The large canopies flying in the wind with sea views are very poetic, a guaranteed favorite.

You can access it every day from 9am to midnight for €5 per person. We found this place unique and very pleasant, we recommend you to visit it during your vacations in Zakynthos!

Cameo ZakynthosThe island of Cameo


Myzithres view point

This exceptional, vertiginous viewpoint is a must-see when you visit Zakynthos! We chose to admire it at sunset, and the colors were magnificent. This spot has become even more incredible since 2018, as a beach has now formed, creating magnificent turquoise colors! 💙

Access is fairly straightforward from the parking lot indicated on Google Map, allow around 15 minutes’ walk.

If you want to admire it from a terrace while sipping a cocktail, we recommend Keri Lighthouse, perfectly located! We didn’t see it until after we’d left, so we didn’t try it out, but we’ll make a note of it on our next visit to Zante.

Myzithres ZanteMyzithres


Potamitis Windmill & Blue caves

A favorite address (another one!) in the north of Zakynthos this time. We even think it’s one of the best-positioned restaurants we’ve seen! On the edge of a cliff, you’ll discover two ultra-photogenic windmills and lovely sunny terraces. If you take the superb staircase down, you’ll reach a unique place: suspended terraces with plenty of deckchairs (free of charge) and access to the sea for swimming. We discovered this address just before we left for Kefalonia, but we really recommend spending a whole afternoon here and taking a dip.

The Blue Caves are very close to this spot. In fact, you can discover them up close, or even go inside, by taking a tour in a small boat. A magical experience!

blue caves zakynthosPotamitis Windmill


City of Zakynthos in Greece

The city of Zante is the capital of the island bearing the same name. Located on the island’s east coast, it’s home to 16,000 people, almost half the inhabitants of Zakynthos! We went there several times for dinner, and the town is very lively in the evenings. The alleys are pretty, and you can also enjoy a stroll along the harbor. The 1.5km-long waterfront is very pleasant and lively with fishermen and boats arriving at the Port.

Saint Mark’s Square is also worth a visit for a coffee, as is Dionysios Solomos Square. We recommend a stroll around Zakynthos at the end of the day, and dinner there!

city of Zakynthoscity of Zakynthos


Extend your vacation in Greece by discovering the island of Kefalonia

The neighboring island of Kefalonia is even less well known than Zakynthos, yet it’s well worth the detour! We chose to board an Ionian Cruises ferry from the port of Agios Nikolaos on Zakynthos to the port of Pessada on Kefalonia, for a 1h30 crossing. We recommend that you spend at least 4 days on the island of Kefalonia to get the most out of it! You can then take a direct flight with Transavia to Paris, with a 2h40 flight time – ultra convenient, isn’t it? 🌞

Cephalonia Zante


Visit Zakynthos, Zante, where to eat?

Anadalis, Argassi Zakynthos

We discovered our hotel’s restaurant, Windmill Bay in Argassi, but of course you can come for lunch without sleeping there. We went back for lunch 3 times, so it’s a sure bet! The setting is idyllic, facing the sea, the decor is designer, and the dishes are delicious (gyros and souvlakis, Greek salads, fish of the day…) yet very affordable. Expect to pay around €25/30 for two people for drinks/dishes/coffee. A must-visit address if you’re passing through the island of Zante (Zakynthos)!

restaurants zakynthos


L’Eté Sunset Bar Zakynthos

This design rooftop is one of the only ones you’ll find in this style on the island of Zakynthos at the moment. The place is brand new and offers a chill atmosphere. It’s an ideal setting for admiring the sunset, and the food is quite elaborate. On the other hand, the place is rather expensive compared to the rest of the island. If you want to sit on the little cushions in the foreground, there’s a minimum charge of €40/50 per person. For our part, we thought we’d make the exception for one evening in an exceptional setting, and we didn’t regret it. A unique moment we’ll remember for a long time to come!

restaurants zakynthosl'ete sunset bar


Taverna Kampi or Cross Tavern in Kampi

This restaurant address is one of our favorites on the island of Zakynthos! Perched on a cliff, you’ll have to drive about 20 minutes on a small road to get there. Trust us, you won’t regret it! The setting is simple, but the view is exceptional, overlooking the turquoise Zante creeks. The welcome is genuine and warm, and the dishes delicious. We particularly recommend the eggplant moussaka, Greek-style with their secret ingredient: cinnamon. Surprisingly tasty! This restaurant is very affordable, count €35 for two for a full dinner.

restaurants zakynthosTaverna Kampi


Portokali restaurant in Argassi Zakynthos

A lovely restaurant address in Argassi. While the main street teems with tourists and packed restaurants, push open the door of Portokali and discover their adorable little quiet courtyard. Tastefully decorated, with a bohemian feel and lots of second-hand objects, you’ll fall under its spell. We tasted typical Greek pasta and both enjoyed ourselves. The local wine list is impressive and the welcome is top-notch. Another great place to treat yourself on your vacation in Zakynthos! Expect to pay around €50 for two for dinner.

restaurants zakynthos


Restaurant Alektor, Place Solomos in Zakynthos

This restaurant address is ultra well placed in the city of Zakynthos, the capital of Zakynthos which we mentioned earlier. On Solomos Square, enjoy local specialties to the sound of Greek songs sung by the restaurant’s live band. We loved the mezzes and then the Bolognese pasta, the restaurant’s specialty. You’re sure to have a great time in this simple, cheerful atmosphere! For this restaurant, count €40 for two for a full dinner.

restaurant alektor

Zante, Zakynthos, practical information

How to get to Zakynthos

This Greek island is served directly by Transavia from Paris Orly, as is its neighboring island Cephalonia, at very affordable prices (around €150 return, depending on the period). Flights last 2 hours and 40 minutes, so convenient for discovering this magical destination! There aren’t many flights, especially out of season, so we advise you to plan ahead. ✨

vol direct zakynthos

When to come to Zakynthos in Greece?

We recommend that you come on vacation to Zakynthos during the months of May and June. Or September and October. Of course, in July and August you’ll have great weather too, but you’ll probably see a lot of tourists. We discovered this destination at the beginning of June, and it was perfect! There were still very few tourists, which makes for a rather privileged setting. The weather was ideal, between 25 and 30 degrees.

How to rent a car in Zakynthos, Zante?

Tip number 1: be careful if you have a debit card! We rented a car on the Europcar website with our debit card, but once we arrived at the airport, they cancelled our reservation because we didn’t have a credit card… Finally, we managed to rent a car for our week’s vacation in Zante from Alamo Rent a Car with our debit card. We paid 350€ for 6 days, we recommend it because we had a very good experience, they were accommodating and friendly.

We actually paid an extra 40€ to return the car to the port of Agios Nikolaos, which allowed us to take the ferry directly to Kefalonia.

How to find the best hotels to visit Zakynthos, Zante

In order to find the best hotels and benefit from the best conditions (security, cancellation…) we go almost exclusively through for our trips. We recommend that you take a look at the available hotels and filter them according to their ratings. The customer reviews are very numerous and recent, which helps to avoid unpleasant surprises when traveling!

Must-do activities in Zakynthos in Greece




Zante what to do


Thank you for reading

We hope that the tips and good addresses on our travel blog will help you visit Zakynthos in Greece!

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