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The best hotels in Cadaqués, Spain

Last update : 25 February 2024

Your vacation in Spain is fast approaching and you’re looking for the best hotels in Cadaqués? After delivering our incontrovertibles on the Costa Brava, today we offer to help you in your search for your hotel in Cadaqués, Spain. We loved our time in Cadaqués and we’re sure you’ll fall under the spell of the Costa Brava’s small villages. We hope that the selection you’ll find in this article will help you have a great vacation in Spain!

Our selection for finding the best hotels in Cadaqués, Spain

1. Hotel Cadaqués Playa Sol

We’re starting strong with our selection of the best hotels in Cadaqués with an ideally located address featuring balconies with breathtaking views of the sea and the village! The rooms are spacious and have excellent bedding. The hotel’s swimming pool is large and very pleasant, which is great for relaxing after a day spent wandering the narrow streets of Cadaqués. We recommend this first address with eyes closed, ideal for a rejuvenating stay while still being close to places of interest! 

++: waking up every morning facing the sea with the sound of the waves, a magical experience!

Average traveler rating on Booking: 9.2/10

Best hotels Cadaques Playa del Sol

Photos © Hotel Cadaqués Playa Sol – Booking

2. Horta d’en Rahola Hotel Cadaqués

This address is a little more confidential but still ideally placed. This hotel in Cadaqués, with its many advantages, has beautiful rooms and very pleasant balconies, and some rooms even have green terraces! The swimming pool is top-notch, and there are plenty of deckchairs to relax and bask in the sun.  Don’t forget to choose the room that suits you best when booking!; 

++: excellent breakfasts featuring fresh produce, the best way to fill up on energy

Average traveler rating on Booking: 9.3/10

meilleurs hotels Cadaques hora den rahola

Photos © Horda d’en Rahola – Booking

3. Boutique Hotel Villa Gala

This hotel in Cadaqués is very well located and will allow you to do everything on foot. This is ideal, as the town’s narrow streets are cobbled and pedestrianized. You can leave your car in the parking lot at the beginning of the week and pick it up on the day of departure! The hotel is just three minutes from the beach and one kilometer from Salvador Dali’s house. The rooms are tastefully decorated and have very pleasant balconies or terraces. On a positive note, the soundproofing of the rooms is excellent. The swimming pool is also perfect. In short, a charming address for an excellent vacation on the Costa Brava.

++: the hotel’s design rooms with a very contemporary style and panoramic views over Cadaqués

Average traveler rating on Booking: 9.1/10

hotel Cadaques Villa Gala

Photos © Boutique Hotel Villa Gala – Booking

4. Casa Nereta Hotel Cadaqués

This hotel in Cadaqués is very cosy and will ensure maximum serenity for your vacation on the Costa Brava. The hotel’s decor and relaxed atmosphere invite you to relax, and if that’s what you’re looking for on your vacation, this is the place for you. You’ll feel right at home! For those with a sweet tooth, the breakfast is excellent.

++: the hammocks on the room balconies, perfect for relaxing.

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 8.7/10

hotel Cadaques Casa Nereta

Photos © Casa Nereta Hotel Cadaqués – Booking

5. Arrels hôtel Cadaqués

We continue our selection of the finest hotels in Cadaqués with a very tastefully appointed establishment. The hotel is magnificent, with large rooms and a lovely swimming pool. Located just a 10-minute walk from Cadaqués, you can quickly reach the town center, which is a big plus. If you’re looking for a haven of peace in the hills above Cadaqués, you’ll love this address.

++: the breathtaking view of Cadaqués from the hotel!

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 9,4/10

hôtel Cadaques

Photos © Arrels Hotel Cadaqués – Booking

6. Hostal Spa Empúries

We end this selection of the best hotels in Cadaqués with an address in an idyllic setting. The hotel is located at the foot of a beach and close to the ruins of Empúries. You’ll have the opportunity to take one of the seaside paths to discover them. Rooms are spacious and comfortable. An added bonus is the unobstructed view of the sea, so you can relax while listening to the sound of the waves. Breakfasts are excellent and prepared with local produce. The only drawback is that the spa is not free and must be booked in advance. Count 23€ per person to be able to enjoy it.

++: the hotel’s ideal location on the beach for a vacation with your feet in the water.

Average rating from travelers on Booking: 8.9/10

meilleurs hotels a Cadaques hostal spa empuries

Photos © Hostal Spa Empúries – Booking

The hotels in this top list are meant to inspire you and help you find the best hotels in Cadaqués. We haven’t tested all of them yet, but they’re all in our selection for future trips to Cadaqués. If you’d like more inspiration, we recommend you check out our articles on the best hotels for your travels.


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We hope this article helps you find the best hotels in Cadaqués!

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